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Summer Handicap League 2023

AGB have restructured the Handicap and Classification system. There are now three additional new classification levels (there will be different badges), an additional age category (50+ archers) and the handicap system runs now from 0 to 150, where it used to be 0 to 100. AGB have also changed the number of rounds that you need to shoot to get a classification. All handicaps and classifications from previous years are no longer valid and everybody starts afresh.

Quick summary:

Achieving 3rd-1st Class or Bowman at the Club

RRAC is introducing the Summer Handicap League.

All our Sunday Shoots and the formal Saturday Shoots (Opening & Closing Shoots) will count towards the League.

For each shoot I will establish straightforward handicap results.

Depending on the number of archers there will be points per rank in reverse order.

So, if there are 10 archers – the first placed archer will receive 10 points and the archer on the 10th place will receive 1 point. The points are cumulative and at the end of the year there will be medals for the top three archers of the League. This means that any qualifying score (that is high enough score at the appropriate distance) shot as part of the League will count towards a Bowman Tier Classification.

The current standing in the Summer Handicap League can be found by clicking here.


Happy Shooting!

Barbara Wanzenried

Records Officer

Royal Richmond Archery Club

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